Pancake Race set for Sunday Aug 2, 2015; OCTC Tuesday night workouts temporally moved to Estancia High School

Greetings Members and Friends,

The Orange Coast College (OCC) administration had campus security remove all organized groups which included A Snail’s Pace and three other groups along with us from the OCC track last night pending securing necessary permits from the college administration. The fact that we have been holding our workouts on Tuesdays night at OCC track for over twenty years without being required to seek a permit, that we raised over $80,00 for Estancia Track and field teams over the years and that these students matriculate into their athletic programs was not a part of their consideration. Security personnel stated two reasons for requiring a permit: first was an issue of liability insurance (which is understandable in this day and age) and secondly was an accusation that we are collecting money for our workouts held at their facilities, which has never been true (OCTC membership has never been mandatory to attend our workouts). If anyone can help us secure permission at OCC or another location please email us. Your help will be appreciated.

In the meantime Orange County Track Club is temporarily moving our Tuesday night workouts to Estancia High School pending securing permission to remain at Orange Coast College track or finding a new suitable location.

Meet Tuesday evening at Estancia High School in the parking lot near the tennis courts at 6:00 pm for a warm up and six strides. The workout will begin at 6:30. More information about the Pancake Race on 8/2/2015 and the work out location will be available then,
Hope to see you there,
Bill and ub